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7 ноября 2019 в 13:43
We are happy to establish business relations with You.
We are contacting You as an Author of project. The company “Business Platform” is the international platform that allows connecting online the authors of business projects and potential investors from different countries. We own a large database of investors, all of them are verified and accredited. Business projects are on different implementation stages: business-idea and readymade business.
We are the part of consorcium of “Direct Investment Fund”. DIF exists and carries out its activities since 2007.
We contribute to the development for more than 60 000 registered users and over 3 000 investors.
You can learn more on our website: . We propose You to register on the “Business Platform” as the Entrepreneur to get the opportunity to find Potential Investors and directly connect with Them that suits Your interests. After publication of Your offer you will be available to connect directly with investors – call, send, get a feedback as well as they will connect directly with You.
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LinkedIn: iness-platform-513123167/
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Moreover, You can connect with us on Skype:
Should You have any questions, please do not hesitate contact me.

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